Inhale the Healing Effects of Humidity and Aromatherapy

We’re big fans of the Humidew Drop – why? It’s the only humidifier on the market that can stand up to essential oils, which gives you the ability to enjoy the healing power of scent along with the benefits of humidity! Traditional humidifiers are made with a plastic that can melt when it comes into contact with oil. At Humidew, we’ve created a unique material that withstands the strength of oils to unite the benefits of aromatherapy and humidity.

Why is humidity important for your health? Humidity is vital for the health of your skin, airways, and lungs. If you suffer from frequent colds, asthma, or allergies, a humidifier keeps your nasal passages lubricated, which helps to speed up the healing process when you’re feeling under the weather. Humidew’s Drop is perfect to use in your home, office, or personal work space – wherever you think you can benefit from the effects of humidity.

Humidity and aromatherapy are perfect partners – while humidity keeps you healthy, aromatherapy boosts your mental wellbeing. Aromatherapy has the power to improve your mood and alter your cognitive state. It’s known for having helpful effects when dealing with issues of stress, depression, memory, fatigue, headaches, lack of sleep, pain relief, digestion, the immune system, and overall healing and recovery.

Want to harness the powers of both humidity and aromatherapy? Shop the Humidew Drop here!

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