Just Inhale: The Healing Power of Essential Oils

We believe essential oils hold the key to achieving a higher sense of wellness. When used effectively, they naturally heal the body – inside and out. Here’s how to get the most from diffusing your essential oils.

What are Essential Oils?

Before we get into the how-to, let’s break down what an essential oil is. Essential oils are the life force of nature – concentrated plant energy found in the roots, stems, leaves, and bark of plants. These compounds allow the plant to stay healthy and strong, so it makes sense that essential oils can help us achieve our wellness goals too.

People have been using essential oils to treat concerns for thousands of years. Every essential oil harnesses a plant’s own unique power. From pain and stress management to aiding sleep and soothing allergies, essential oils can help provide holistic treatments for ailments from head to toe.

Breathing in Essential Oils

Your sense of smell taps into one of the most ancient parts of your brain, the amygdala. As babies, before we can process language, the amygdala can identify thousands of aromas, allowing us to use our sense of smell to understand the world. Located in the limbic system, it’s also known as the brain’s emotional centre. It aids in emotional regulation and is largely responsible for the creation of new memories. That’s why smell is linked to memory more than any other sense.

Just Inhale

What happens when you inhale essential oils? Aroma molecules travel through your nose to the olfactory bulb, a structure in the front part of our brain that helps us process smell. Once the molecules reach the olfactory bulb, they are then sent to the centre of the brain, the limbic system, viia your bloodstream. The limbic system, specifically the amygdala, then processes the aroma and releases neurochemicals that are relaxing or stimulating, depending on the essential oil used. This is essentially connecting your mind and body to the healing power of plants.

You can make essential oils a seamless part of your day by using a Humidew diffuser. You can harness the healing power of humidity (healthy for your skin, airways, and lungs) while reaping the benefits of plants through the therapeutic vapour. We have a diffuser for any space, whether it be your bedroom, the living room, or your office.

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