Humidity in the Office

There are certain times throughout the year when humidity can fall to very low levels. Depending on your climate, this can occur during both winter and summer. The situation can be exacerbated in today’s offices thanks to the amount of electronic equipment present.

What problems can be caused by humidity?

The problems experienced from low humidity include:

  • Sore eyes, dry throat, itchy or dry skin, and a stuffy nose. All of these symptoms have been associated with the flu and even ‘Sick Building Syndrome.’ However, one of the more likely causes of these symptoms is low humidity levels. Gross!
  • Sometimes, people working in offices can find itchy red marks on their ankles and make the mistake of assuming they are flea bites. However, these marks are probably a result of static electricity, caused by synthetic carpet fibres which become charged, a result of low humidity in the area. This phenomenon is known as the phantom flea effect or ‘illusionary parasitosis.’
  • Static can also increase the potential for computer equipment failure.

In an ideal world, every office would be fitted with some type of humidification control. Unfortunately that’s just not realistic! Thankfully, you can take the situation into your own hands. By having a Humidew in your office cubicle, you can reap the benefits of humidity and aromatherapy, which has its own countless benefits! We suggest the DROP or CYLA for your office space. Happy humidifying!

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