Diffusers, Vaporizers, and Humidifiers: What’s the Difference?

With the rising popularity of aromatherapy and awareness about its benefits, more and more people are looking to harness the power of scent to increase their health and mental well-being. With this new awareness, aromatherapy products are available now more than ever. With so many different products do you know which product is right for you? Here, we’ve broken down the difference between diffusers, vaporizers, and humidifiers.

Diffusers are used solely for dispersing scent into the air. The scent is mixed with water and is released into the air as a fine mist. Electric diffusers don’t create heat to diffuse the scents.

Vaporizers create more humidity in the air by heating water until it turns into steam. A vaporizer is perfect for those in hot and dry climates or for cold and dry winters.

Humidifiers maintain a certain level of moisture in the air by creating a cool mist. Humidifiers also help with dry skin and can prevent irritation caused by dryness in the throat, lips, and nose. Most humidifiers are not designed to use oil for scent, as their plastic breaks down quickly when used with essential oils. The Humidew Go 2016 was designed to be used with essential oils to add both moisture and scent in the air.

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